Ski patrol - Volunteer

Ski patrol - Volunteer

Ski Saint Bruno patrol allows you to help out while combining work with pleasure.  As a patroller, you will ensure the mountain’s security, administer first aid, respond to emergencies and naturally, you will have the time to ski and appreciate the mountain in full.  Once you get to know the ‘social club’ Ski Saint Bruno patrol provides, you will quickly understand why more than 100 people come back for more season after season!

Job requirements

  • Pass the ski or snowboard ability evaluation (advanced intermediate or higher)
  • 16 years old and over
  • Pass the training given by Ski Saint Bruno’s team of instructors affiliated with L’Institut national du secourisme du Québec


Job status

  • Volunteer
  • Schedule
  • One evening every fortnight from 19h00 until closing and one day every other weekend (8 hours from 8h00 until 16h00 or from 15h00 until closing)
  • Or daytime during the week


Drop by the clinic for more information. 

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