Beginner’s Guide

You are at your first step on skis or on a snowboard? Refer to our Beginner’s Guide to enjoy this beautiful winter day!

The good practices


  • What to wear in cold weather?

    It is important to be dressed properly when practicing winter sports. This is why it is important to choose the right clothing. And don't forget: it's better to choose function over style. Here is a list of items that will keep you warm, happy and that will allow you to enjoy your day of skiing or snowboarding.

  • 1 Helmet


    The helmet protects your head while keeping you warm. It’s the best of both worlds! Combine it with a ski mask (balaclava) for more warmth.

  • 2 Goggles


    When purchasing goggles, explain to your sales advisor in what conditions you will practice your sport. This way, they will present you with the most appropriate lens for your needs. Goggles are also a good protection against UV rays and the wind.

  • 3 Neck warmer

    Neck warmer

    Choose a neck warmer that covers your entire neck, including the back. Make sure your mouth and nose can be covered; it will be convenient in cold weather!

  • 4 Coat


    Choose a waterproof coat that is also a windbreaker. Also, choose a coat in which you will be able to move comfortably.

  • 5 Gloves/Mittens


    Prioritize waterproof gloves or mittens. If you are sensitive to the cold, consider purchasing glove liners. Avoid cotton or wool.

  • 6 Pants


    Much like your coat, opt for a waterproof and windbreaker model. Also, make sure the pants cover your boots to avoid getting snow in them. Finally, stay away from jeans or any other fabric that can absorb water.

  • 7 Thermal Socks

    Thermal Socks

    Prioritize thick, long and flexible socks. They will prevent frost bites or blisters. Once again, opt for a synthetic fabric instead of cotton.


1. Choosing your skis / board

Choose your equipment according to your ski level, height and weight. Make sure your skis are not too long if you are a beginner; the learning process could become difficult. However, if a person is a beginner but taking lessons and still growing, you can choose equipment that's slightly longer. For juniors, it is important to be careful when choosing the size of the equipment because young people are less developed proportionately than adults. Ask one of our experts at SSB’s ski shop to choose the right equipment.

2. Ski / Snowboard boots

Being comfortable in your boots is essential. Choosing the right model and proper size is very important. SSB’s ski shop offers bootfitting and molded insoles that mold your boots to your feet for unparalleled comfort!

3. Ski / Board size

To choose the right equipment size, follow this guide with the appropriate heights. Your skis should be between the chin and the eyes. Your snowboard should be between the chin and the nose.

Hauteur adéquate pour votre équipement


We recommend having a complete maintenance 3 times a year. Moreover, a good wax on the base of your skis or your snowboard should also be done 3 times a year. Head over to the Repair Shop for more information.