Ski Saint-Bruno at a glance

  1. 950 employees dedicated to offering the best experience to our 300,000 clients.
  2. The resort is 100% illuminated to offer the best evening ski.
  3. Ski Saint-Bruno is THE largest ski school in Canada with over 565 instructors and 32,000 students.
  4. Ski Saint-Bruno’s 39 mobile cannons and 22 snow turrets produce snow that’s finer and of better quality. Thanks to this technology, we’re able to defy Mother Nature and produce quality snow at almost 0 degree Celsius.
  5. Ski Saint-Bruno has 6 surface groomers that track-set the trails every night until the early morning hours to offer the best snow conditions possible.
  6. Each year, Ski Saint-Bruno stands out with the numerous awards of excellence it won, including the Grand Prix du tourisme de la Montérégie in 2010.
  7. Ski Saint-Bruno has 2 snow parks that were designed for skiers and snowboarders of all stripes.
  8. We offer the best after-skiing experience in our Snöpub. Our large variety of beers and comfort food make our Snöpub a must.