Beginner’s Guide

You are at your first step on skis or on a snowboard? Refer to our Beginner’s Guide to enjoy this beautiful winter day!



What is the skigö course?

In an era of new self-learning trends, Ski Saint-Bruno is the first ski resort in North America to develop a new self-directed learning method. This method offers a more flexible, less expensive and more user-friendly introduction to skiing and snowboarding.

The new streamlined track offers a fun experience that inspires confidence and makes self-learning easier. The SkiGö Course enables new skiers and snowboarders to learn at their own pace, following their own schedule and in a safe environment where speed and turns are naturally controlled by the configuration of the slope. No reservations are required. You can simply come to the resort, buy your lift ticket, rent your equipment and begin your self-learning.

Four easy-to-follow steps that will get you hooked on snow sports!